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21/11 11:34

Oeps: Duitsland is de grootste CO2 producent.

Drie opmerkingen over global warming


20/11 23:58

BEST OF THE WEB: Ridiculous! YouTube censors Christian videos because content describes and supports

BEST OF THE WEB: The transgender zealots are trying to destroy truth itself

20/11 23:00

"Dust to Dust" --'Life May Have Originated From Biological Particles Born By Streaming Space Dust'

Astronomers Hunt for Oldest Stars in Our Solar Neighborhood --"May Harbor Planets with Ancient Civil

Earth's Oxygen Levels Linked to Rapid Increase in Lifeforms 455 Million Years ago

Alien Object from a Distant Star System Invades Our Solar System --"Like Nothing We've Ever Seen"

NASA Satellites Observing Earth's Plant Life from Space --"Probing Role Plants Play in Global Carbon

ESO Observes a Giant Structure Forming Around an Ancient Quasar

Laser-Powered SETI Probes --"Putting on the 'Brakes' to Orbit Habitable-Zone Planets"

Last Week's Top Five Space & Science Headlines --"Before the Big Bang to the Most Awesome Spacetime

20/11 20:39

How Do We Keep an Impulsive Trump From Launching Nuclear War?

20/11 16:48

Frans Timmermans: ‘ook ik ben misbruikt’

Staan of zitten, wat maakt het uit?

Verzorgende verpleeghuis verdacht van moord

Dit is waar mensen aan het eind van hun leven het meeste spijt van hebben

OM: agenten schuldig mishandeling, geen straf

20/11 10:56

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