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‘Big Ag + Big Pharma = Big Problems’

McKenna’s description of a post-antibiotic world looks a lot like the pre-antibiotic world, in which roughly a quarter of children died of infectious diseases before their fifth birthday, surgery and chemotherapy were impossible, and a skinned knee could be fatal and often was.
In 2003, drug companies pressed the FDA to .... . In 2009, the resulting federal report revealed that farm animals got about 30 million pounds of antibiotics that year, including every class of drug we have. That number has risen every year since.

'Men' zegt dat 'men' nu minder antibiotica in het voedsel wil.... ...
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In de 'post-antibiotic world' waren er geen/nauwelijks vaccins, plastics, anti bijengif... .
Hoe zat het toen met het immuunsysteem?
Eh, de prevalentie van kinderkanker????
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post-antibiotic world
sorry: pre-antibiotic world
*Mompelt iets van wishful thinking*
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