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BREAKING: New Russian data on MH17 crash refutes official claims

After three years of conspiracy, Russia is getting to the truth behind the unfortunate MH17 flight.

Earlier today, Sputnik reported that, according to the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office spokesman Alexander Kurennoy,

“On August 22, 2017, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office passed onto representatives of the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ embassy in Russia materials which were received during the fulfillment of the request of the Dutch colleagues on legal assistance in connection with the investigation of the July 17, 2014, accident on the Ukrainian territory of the Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777-200 aircraft, flight MH17.”

As Kurennoy said, analysis of Russian radar data passed to the Netherlands refutes the allegations of international investigators about the launch site of the missile that shot down a Malaysia Airlines Boeing flight MH17 in 2014:

“Analysis of the Russian radar’s raw and ASTERIX-format data refutes the claims of the official investigation regarding the site of the missile launch. According to the decoded radar data, the launch of the missile that shot down the Malaysian Boeing on MH17 flight could not have been carried out from the Pervomaiskoye inhabited locality, as it was stated by representatives of the Joint Investigation Team on September 28, 2016.”

He said Russia was calling on the Netherlands once again to take into account information provided on the Boeing crash in Donbas and take it into account in the investigation, adding that the Prosecutor General’s Office stressed its interest in objective investigation of the crash.
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