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Chuck Berry - Bio

Lord have mercy, got to tell it

Tell it just like it is, every word.

Yeah! I was living in St. Louis

In the year of nineteen fifty five

Mama didn't have no great mansion,

Just a little old country dive.

Papa worked all week long,

Tryin' to keep us six kids alive.

So I hitch hiked to Chicago

Just to hear Muddy Waters play

I sat and listened to him sing

Until the early hours of day

I asked him what I could do to make it

And it was he who showed me the way

I went back home and wrote a song

And made a record I could claim

The little tune jumped on the charts

And rode me right on up to fame

It netted over ten thousand dollars

And added glory to my name

I was standing at the airport

With my guitar in my hand

And a first class ticket

Destination movie land

I will be in Hollywood, Mama

Before the roosters crow again

When I first started playing music

Over sixteen years ago

Every big town in the country

From St. Francisco to Baltimore

Trying to bring some happy hours

Doing the only thing I know

Can help it, but I love it

Stand here, sing to you

Brings back so many memories

Many things we used to do

I'll I see you here again

Take care, good luck to you
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Het was weer eens wat anders dan de slavenmuziek¹ van nu. Jammer dat hij niet meer leeft. De hele samenleving stond toen op zijn kop onder andere vanwege de oorlog in Vietnam. Daar is niets van overgebleven behalve waardeloze vercommercialiseerde popmuziek en politiek-correcte types zoals Bono en Bob Geldof.

¹ Van bevrijdend naar 'relaxed'.
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