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De valse gifgasvlag in Douma, een voorstad van Damascus

Het is weer zover. Op zaterdag 7 april zou president Assad zijn eigen bevolking hebben bestookt met gifgas. Dat scenario hebben we vorig jaar ook al gezien. Het bleek toen niet waar en nu ook niet. Het is steeds dezelfde film, tot vervelens toe! Zoals we weten, houdt de VS ten noorden van de Eufraat een aanzienlijk deel van Syrië bezet, zogenaamd om ISIS te bestrijden, maar in feite beschermen ze ISIS. Maar Trump zei onlangs dat hij de Amerikaanse troepen wil terugtrekken uit Syrië. De Russische minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Lavrov waarschuwde al op 14 maart dat er een valse gifgasvlag werd voorbereid. Op 7 april was het zover: Meer dan 500 mensen, voornamelijk vrouwen en kinderen, slachtoffer van gifgasaanval in Douma. Deze voorstad van Damascus was nog in handen van een rebellengroep die wordt betaald door Saoedi-Arabië. De Jerusalem Post: Dozens reported killed in suspected Syria gas attack, Damascus denies. De Amerikaans/Israëlische oorlogstrom klinkt nu luider dan ooit. Israël is zelfs al begonnen met schieten, de VS en Frankrijk staan te popelen! En het nieuws staat bol van deze valse vlag.

Eerst maar even wat er echt gebeurde volgens Syrian Girl:
What really happened – Chemical Attack that lead to missile Strikes on #Syria

Israël, “de enige democratie in het Midden Oosten”, reageerde onmiddellijk op deze valse vlag: BOEM! BOEM! BOEM! Even wat raketten afgevuurd op een militaire basis in Homs.

Israeli warplanes carried out strikes on Syrian airbase – Russian MoD

En wat denkt u van deze vondst van gifgas in Oost Goutha? Proof: Intel Drop, Trump, Bolton behind Syria chemical attacks, confirmed
Germany, Britain, America, Israel – VT provides proof of chemical warfare and war crimes.
De rebellen waren rijkelijk voorzien van gore viezigheid uit het vrije wilde westen! Kortom: het is allemaal onzin en ik hoop maar dat er geen wereldoorlog van komt. Want Saddam Hoessein had weliswaar geen massavernietigingswapens, maar Irak is toch grondig verwoest. En Assad is een democratisch gekozen president, maar Syrië ligt in puin.

Syria: What comes after the latest ‘chemical attack’ provocation?

Syria: Another Fake Gas Attack?

Syria – Timelines Of ‘Gas Attacks’ Follow A Similar Scheme
By Moon Of Alabama

Cue the Chemical Weapons Stunt in Syria
By Finian Cunningham
April 08, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –

This weekend’s alleged chemical-weapon attack on civilians in Syria has all the hallmarks of a false-flag propaganda stunt. Only people who have had their critical senses numbed by saturated Western media distortion could possibly believe otherwise.

This may also be connected to the alleged poison-assassination plot in England being blamed on Russia. Was that incident orchestrated in order to undermine Russia internationally so the false-flag for NATO military intervention in Syria could proceed?

State Dept Accuses Russia And Syria Of Gassing Civilians Before Any Investigation
By Caitlin Johnstone
April 08, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –

Just weeks ago, two firebreathing neoconservative war whores were promoted to the highest echelons of influence within the Trump administration. The new National Security Advisor John Bolton only has one key on his piano, and that key is war. Neoconservative hawk Mike Pompeo was promoted from the head of the notoriously vicious Central Intelligence Agency to Hillary Clinton’s old job as Secretary of State after famously announcing that he was trying to make the CIA “a much more vicious agency.”

Trump supporters talk a lot about the Deep State as though it is something separate from and at odds with the Trump administration. If that was ever the case, it certainly isn’t anymore. Trump might be in a power struggle with certain factions or aspects of the power establishment, but you don’t promote bloodthirsty swamp monsters like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo to positions of maximum impact if you’re fighting the Deep State.

America Must Go To War, Immediately!

Watch Tucker Carlson Destroy The War Propaganda Consumed By A Lazy, Uncaring Nation.

We, as citizens of this sick nation, must not allow these politicians to send our children to die in another needless war. Those who profit from the destruction of our fellows in far off lands and those who work for our military industrial complex, the military and the racist bigots who fuel these flames can not be permitted to savage another million innocent civilians while the their fake tears are wiped away with the trillions of dollars that could be used to feed, clothe and house those people starving around our planet.

We need to go to the streets and shout “No more war, not in my name”. I will no longer allow you to kill women and children in our name as you pretend to care for the people of Douma. Should we fail to do so, the last thing we may see in our lives is a mushroom cloud. The choice is ours! Get off your ass and do something! No More excuses.

Gevolgd door een video van 40 minuten van FOX News, waarin Tucker Carlson oproept om te stoppen met deze agressieve gekte! Gelukkig zijn niet alle Amerikanen gek geworden.

Biased media coverage of ‘chemical attack’ in Syria could provoke a dangerous new war

By jumping to conclusions about the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, Donald Trump’s war cabinet and their media cheerleaders are recklessly pushing us closer to a military confrontation between Russia and the US.

With his new national security adviser John Bolton standing behind him, US President Trump announced on Monday that “everybody” – apparently meaning Syria and Russia – “will pay a price” for the alleged chemical attack in Douma, a suburb of Damascus under the control of Jaysh al Islam insurgents, and that his generals were devising a military response. Trump has also said that he holds Russia responsible for the still unverified attack, signaling an escalation between Russia and the US, a dangerous prospect that seems to be lost on an unquestioning US media that is captivated by anti-Russia hysteria.

But as Trump rushes to punish Syria, the media is ignoring and depriving the public of some crucial details leading up to the alleged attack, details that raise serious questions about who’s responsible.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! West promoting chemical false flags as pretext for military action

This brings to mind a popular meme now making the rounds on social media. It shows President Vladimir Putin speaking on the phone to Assad: “The Syrian Army is winning the battle against the terrorists,” the Russian leader notes. “You’ve surrounded the last town, have overwhelming military force and are negotiating a surrender. What next?”

Below is a picture of Assad, who answers, very implausibly: “Launch a chemical attack of no tactical significance to provoke international outrage and military interventions against me.”

That, in a nutshell, is what the Western narrative would have us believe: Bashar Assad, a Western-educated medical doctor with no shortage of brains, willfully exposed himself to the gravest risk at the precise moment he was beginning to see the end of the tunnel on an eight-year military campaign. Indeed, at the time of the weekend’s alleged chlorine attack, he was just mopping up an eight-week offensive around Douma, outside Damascus, the last stronghold controlled by the Jaysh al-Islam group. It was pretty much smooth sailing from there to the finish line.

The argument that Assad essentially committed the equivalent of political suicide by ordering a chemical attack at this crucial juncture, or any juncture, becomes even more implausible when we recall that Syria possesses a respectable military force, especially after getting a big boost from imported Russian-made defense systems. Israel discovered that the hard way in February when the Syrian army shot down one of its fighter jets.

‘We have a lot of options militarily’ – Trump on Syria ‘chemical attack’ response

US will act against ‘monster’ Assad with or without UN ‒ Haley

No trace of chemical weapons at alleged attack site in Douma – Russian military

‘Mutant fish in murky waters’: US brings chaos to the world & has no real friends – Russia UN envoy

‘Everywhere you go, chaos is left behind’ – Russia’s UN envoy to US over ‘chem attack’ in Syria

Laten we het daar maar op houden… 😉
| #262946 | 13-04-2018 17:17 | G.B. Wolf
Ik heb een paar jaar geleden een interview met Assad gezien, ja ja, op de VPRO. Respect voor deze man, die alleen het beste wil voor zijn volk, net zoals die andere 'terrorist': Moammar al-Kadaffy.
Helaas is het interview niet meer beschikbaar.
Hier wordt er wel melding van dat interview gemaakt.
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| #262951 | 13-04-2018 22:18 | jantjeuitnederland
De enige die een reden hebben om gifgas te gebruiken en het al eerder hebben gebruik is IS, volgens mij.
Als je, zoals Syrië (gesteund door Rusland) op het punt staat een stad te veroveren ga je niet de bevolking uitmoorden.
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