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En alweer hadden de plottertjes gelijk

Ten conspiracy theories that were proven to be real in 2017

1. Hollywood and the political elite have been exposed for their rampant and horrifying sex abuse against men, women, and children alike

2. Weather modification just jumped from "chemtrail" conspiracy theory into mainstream reality, as Congress began holding hearings on geoengineering

3. 20,000 documents were released in August proving the EPA conspired with chemical companies to unleash deadly toxic substances on the public

4. US media giant Sally Quinn admitted she practiced the occult to murder people-and she was praised for it

5. Mainstream media finally admitted the United States has been aiding terrorists in Syria

6. The Federal Reserve bank was exposed in June to be a working arm of US Intelligence

7. Declassified document proved the conspiracy that the CIA planned and carried out the 1953 Iranian Coup

8. Billionaire elitists openly admit to Ingesting the blood of young children

9. CIA drug trafficking conspiracy was blown wide open in an explosive History Channel series

10. Mainstream science showed Vitamin C's ability to fight cancer

MSM doen hier nog een beetje of hun neus bloed, maar wedden dat ze straks beweren dat ze dat altijd al hadden geweten, altijd al hadden beweerd.

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