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‘Fake-News meme is push van de staat tot monopolisering van vrije nieuwsgaring’

Alex Jones, Max Keiser & Adam Curry deconstrueren als producers van een aantal van de meest bekeken alt-news kanalen de aanval van de overheid op de vrije nieuwsgaring middels het 'fake news' meme.

Diverse achtergronden, analyses en oplossingen passeren de review.

[ achtergrond commentaar op het nieuwe paranoia McCarthyism van de zittende VS regering ]
| #256752 | 11-12-2016 08:04 | liedetecter
Glenn Greenwald in "The Intercept":
Every day, literally, you can turn on MSNBC and hear various people so righteously lamenting the spread of “Fake News.” Yet MSNBC itself not only spreads Fake News but refuses to correct it when it is exposed. How do they have any credibility to denounce Fake News? They do not.

That journalists and “experts” outright lied to the public this way in order to help their favorite candidate is obviously dangerous. This was most powerfully pointed out – ironically – by Marty Baron, Executive Editor of the Washington Post, who told The New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg: “If you have a society where people can’t agree on basic facts, how do you have a functioning democracy?”

Exactly: if you have prominent journalists telling the public to trust an anonymous group with a false McCarthyite blacklist, or telling it to ignore informative documents on the grounds that they are fake when there is zero reason to believe that they are fake, that is a direct threat to democracy. In the case of the Podesta emails, these lies were perpetrated by the very factions that have taken to most loudly victimizing themselves over the spread of Fake News.

But the problem here goes way beyond mere hypocrisy. Complaints about Fake News are typically accompanied by calls for “solutions” that involve censorship and suppression, either by the government or tech giants such as Facebook. But until there is a clear definition of “Fake News,” and until it’s recognized that Fake News is being aggressively spread by the very people most loudly complaining about it, the dangers posed by these solutions will be at least as great as the problem itself.
| #256753 | 11-12-2016 08:13 | liedetecter
En precies dat soort MSM fake news reporting leidt dan razendsnel tot nieuwe wetgeving .... hoe doorzichtig kan je het op je bordje krijgen:

Senate Quietly Passes The "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act"

“Congress has taken a big step in fighting back against fake news and propaganda from countries like Russia. When the president signs this bill into law, the United States will finally have a dedicated set of tools and resources to confront our adversaries’ widespread efforts to spread false narratives that undermine democratic institutions and compromise America’s foreign policy goals,”

Introduced by Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Ted Lieu, H.R. 5181 seeks a “whole-government approach without the bureaucratic restrictions” to counter “foreign disinformation and manipulation,” which they believe threaten the world’s “security and stability.”
| #256768 | 11-12-2016 20:31 | liedetecter
The first priority is developing a whole-of-government strategy for countering foreign propaganda and disinformation. The bill would increase the authority, resources, and mandate of the Global Engagement Center to include state actors like Russia and China in addition to violent extremists. The Center will be led by the State Department, but with the active senior level participation of the Department of Defense, USAID, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the Intelligence Community, and other relevant agencies. The Center will develop, integrate, and synchronize whole-of-government initiatives to expose and counter foreign disinformation operations and proactively advance fact-based narratives that support U.S. allies and interests.

Second, the legislation seeks to leverage expertise from outside government to create more adaptive and responsive U.S. strategy options. The legislation establishes a fund to help train local journalists and provide grants and contracts to NGOs, civil society organizations, think tanks, private sector companies, media organizations, and other experts outside the U.S. government with experience in identifying and analyzing the latest trends in foreign government disinformation techniques. This fund will complement and support the Center’s role by integrating capabilities and expertise available outside the U.S. government into the strategy-making process. It will also empower a decentralized network of private sector experts and integrate their expertise into the strategy-making process.

Ofwel ... er is zgn zoveel 'fake-news' dat de VS nu letterlijk een compleet leger van journalisten op gaat leiden door geheime diensten etc. Een compleet propaganda leger dus, open en bloot ....

Unbefuckinlievable wie er dan nog zou moeten geloven in de output van die poppetjes ... behalve de gewoon openlijke anti-democartische moves van het land of the free ...

Weer een conspiracytheory een fact geworden .... Journalisten die door de CIA opgeleid/betaald worden ...
| #256774 | 12-12-2016 12:53 | liedetecter
Geen bewijs voor Russische inmenging van de verkiezingen gepresenteerd om de uitspraken van de CIA te substantieren. De narrative wordt langzaam uitgerold om de verkiezingen te invalideren .. daar is veel paranoia en een nieuw McCarthyism is dan nodig.

If You Are For Peace, You Are A Russian Agent!

De massa vernietigingswapens van Sadam all over again ....
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Dus wordt er een éxtra dikke brij van mixed messaging (waar en niet waar) tot een onuitwarbare kluwe aan u domkopjes voorgeschoteld door de MSM ...

| #256780 | 12-12-2016 15:35 | Ness
Ik snap niet waarom dit artikel niet op de voorpagina terecht is gekomen. Af en toe flitst het daar op en dan verdwijnt het weer. Maar het heeft ruim voldoende kliks en stemmen gehad.. Mysterieus hoor. Misschien is dat Amerikaanse Ministerie Van Waarheid een artikel op zich waard?
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