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HIV, Aids en het Ei van Gallo.

Kijk, kijk, het msm offensief van vandaag komt niet spontaan uit de lucht vallen, er is een HAARP aan de gang in haart land. Met magnitudes 6 tot 8 wordt de eetshypothese gefileerd. 21 july in de California Conservative: speaking out for the silent majority.

Deze introductie lijkt nog niet spannend, het artikel ontwikkelt zich als een crimi, met bedreigingen en scheldkannonades uit de pharma hoek inclusief spam bombardementen en jurisische claims. Wat wij nog vriendelijk onder ogen proberen te brengen wordt in Amerika (waar anders) tot op het bot uitgevochten over de ruggen van haartsslikkers wereldwijd.

Het artikel leest als een spannende roman, weer voor de dappere Engelse lezertjes.

"Such a scheme would have made Machiavelli weep with joy."

A New Investigation

I was not concerned about “big pharma” until my visit to Washington DC last May. I was there to meet with members of Semmelweis Society International (SSI). This is an impressive group of medical professionals – physicians, nurses, surgeons, medical and law school professors, and former CEOs of health care corporations. Because of my own experience with retaliation and my ongoing interest in US healthcare and sham peer review, I was interested to hear their stories directly from them.

I accompanied Gil Mileikowsky, MD, the OB/GYN who first explained sham peer to me in 2006. I spent five days with the members – all dedicated men and women who care deeply about the political corruption of healthcare and who risked their own careers to report fraud or abuse within the healthcare system. I recorded and edited their testimony, and posted this video after members testified before the US Congress and Senate. I was also honored to testify regarding my experience as an LAPD whistleblower.

Two recipients of the Semmelweis “Clean Hands Award” were reporter Celia Farber and molecular biologist Peter Duesberg, PhD. I had not heard of them before and knew nothing of their relationship to a little known controversy about HIV and AIDS.

After 28 years as an investigator, I consider myself pretty skeptical about things until I see proof. Most of my work today is pro bono, so I can pick and choose who I assist. Witnesses are expected to lie, but if I discover that a client has misrepresented facts or lied to me, I will usually drop the case. I’m fortunate to have the time, energy, and resources to help good people get out of undeservedly bad predicaments. Not all lawyers are like Mike Nifong or David Sotelo, and not all private investigators work like Anthony Pellicano. Without unbiased credibility, investigators are nothing more than a liability to their clients.

As various members interacted with Farber and Duesberg, I learned that the HIV/AIDS issue had not been entirely resolved. Like Dr. Mileikowsky’s story about sham peer review, this sounded equally unbelievable.

When I returned to Los Angeles, several former members began to question the wisdom of presenting the awards to Farber and Duesberg. In response, SSI President (and neurosurgeon) Roland Chalifoux issued this press release to explain the rationale of the awards. But when two dissenters persisted, Dr. Chalifoux asked me to conduct an independent investigation of Ms. Farber and Prof. Duesberg, citing my investigative experience, independence, and almost complete lack of knowledge about HIV and AIDS.

(met dank aan jspreen voor de tip)
| #36092 | 25-07-2008 20:19 | EvaVanE
Merkwaardig dat zoiets dan uit de hoek van de Conservatives komt. Niet uit het grote bretagne, maar uit de verenigde staten...
Eigenlijk niet zo'n verkeerde ontwikkeling.
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| #36093 | 25-07-2008 20:21 | Rebel
En een klasse artikel!!!
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| #36102 | 25-07-2008 23:18 | Patman
Ge-wel-dig verhaal dit!!!!
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| #36103 | 25-07-2008 23:36 | Patman
Dit verhaal zou een heleboel mensen toch wel doen twijfelen aan de officiele AIDS-theorie. Het is alleen veel te lang en in Engels....

De meesten vinden het teveel moeite en geloven liever wat iedereen gelooft...
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| #36104 | 25-07-2008 23:41 | Patman
In many ways, today’s HIV/AIDS industry resembles a mature termite colony.

In the years since HIV produced Dr. Gallo’s first egg, workers (administrators and researchers) have built a labyrinthine fortress of carton walls (research and facilities) to support the colony. While its soldiers defend the colony and king, Dr. Gallo and HIV are managed, groomed, and fed by the attending workers that surround, care for, and defend them.

At first glance, the fortress appears impenetrable and the dark interconnected passages too confusing to navigate. After more than twenty years and millions of pages of research and studies that are built upon Gallo’s original egg, no sane person could attempt to comprehend the infinite trivia without going mad. To argue against the mountains of interdependent self-supported HIV/AIDS minutiae requires terabytes of computational power and the tenacity of the world’s most obnoxious sports fans.
The key to the conundrum lies not with the carton walls, workers, soldiers, or the myriad unnavigable passages, but with Dr. Gallo’s original HIV declaration itself.

The principle of Occam’s razor states that the best explanation tends to be one that requires the fewest additional assumptions. Such an explanation invokes the fewest intermediate factors (i.e., 25 years of HIV/AIDS research) while maintaining its “predictive power”; that is, its ability to explain current data to predict future data. If we apply Occam’s razor and the Scientific Method, it is clear that the relationship of HIV/AIDS was never formally proven, and to assert that it is true until disproven is fallacious.

When asked which argument most strongly convinced him that HIV was not the cause of AIDS, Nobel laureate Kary Mullis replied, “The fact that there’s no evidence for it.”
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| #36105 | 25-07-2008 23:43 | Patman
INVESTIGATOR’S NOTE: Under ordinary circumstances, I would list and thank those who assisted me in this investigation and subsequent report. Because of current conditions within the scientific community and pharmaceutical industry, exposing these witnesses as potential targets would serve no legitimate purpose. When the day comes, the world will know the difference between those who served Humanity, and those who served themselves at Humanity’s expense.
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| #36108 | 26-07-2008 08:05 | Nostro Nazus
Maar Pat, komt Aids uit een lab, of het werkelijk 1 groot misverstand?
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| #36110 | 26-07-2008 08:20 | Patman
Nee joh mafkees, het meeste dat jij voor waar aanneemt is één groot misverstand. En groot is het misverstand niet, want er zijn weinig mensen die denken dat AIDS uit een lab komt. Om van HIV nog maar niet te soreken, Want het verschil is je waarschijnlijk onduidelijk.

AIDS in Afrika is gewoon honger en armoede. Niets virus.
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| #36112 | 26-07-2008 09:01 | george_orwell
Bijzonder uitgebreid overzicht van de geschiedenis van AIDS.
(Patman heeft een bierviltjesversie van elke kant van dit verhaal al diverse keren beschreven op het adres

Ik vind het zelf de moeite van het bestuderen waard. Helaas is het niet mogelijk om het te printen doordat er zoveel links instaan die ieder weer een aspect van het verhaal belichten.

De georganiseerde agressie van de kerels die 100en miljoenen van de industrie krijgen voor onderzoek ( waarvan de uitkomst al vaststaat ) , onthullend.
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| #36113 | 26-07-2008 09:08 | george_orwell
agressie om het debat te smoren met hun invloed bedoel ik.
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| #36114 | 26-07-2008 09:19 | george_orwell
Even een stukje uitgelicht

In this 2008 study, 320 Tanzanian patients were placed on “antiretroviral therapy” (ART) between October 2003 and November 2006. Most (223) were women, some as young as 15. The majority were between 25 and 34 years of age. Most were severely malnourished, had thrombocytopenia and varying degrees of anemia.

# Overall, 95 patients died within 11 months, 59 within three months of starting the drug regimens.
# One year mortality was estimated as high as 46.8% in those who were severely malnourished. Other studies confirmed that severe malnutrition is directly related to the mortality of HIV+ African patients “even after the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy…”
# One of the authors explained that the study’s weakness is that mortality might be underestimated because so many were lost to follow up and probably died at home.
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| #36116 | 26-07-2008 09:41 | george_orwell
Alive & Well will present a cash award of $25,000 to the first person to locate a study that provides us with the missing scientific proof that HIV tests are accurate. To celebrate this important finding, Alive and Well will donate an additional $25,000 to Heifer International, a unique charity working to end hunger in the developing world by using a holistic approach to building sustainable communities.

Nog steeds niet geclaimed.
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| #36120 | 26-07-2008 10:57 | EvaVanE
A $1,000,000 Reward for Scientific Proof of HIV

The pH Miracle Living Foundation in cooperation with Alive & Well will present a cash award of $500,000 to the first person to locate a study that provides us with missing evidence about the accuracy of HIV tests, and in celebration of this important finding, will donate an additional $500,000 to Heifer International, a unique charity working to end hunger in the developing world using a holistic approach to building sustainable communities.

Articles of Health
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| #36121 | 26-07-2008 11:08 | george_orwell
O, OK.
Interessant is ook de 'politisering'van AIDS:

When the story came out, some insensitive clergy and ideologues suggested in the media that AIDS was “punishment for homosexuals who violated God’s Law.” Homosexuals and their advocates were understandably hurt by these remarks. Unfortunately for science, this immediately polarized and politicized the debate. While the extreme right sought to stigmatize AIDS as a “gay disease” that was unworthy of attention, the left exaggerated the risk that AIDS posed to the general population and demanded endless funding.
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| #36122 | 26-07-2008 11:20 | george_orwell
Professor Henry Bauer has shown that, for all available US demographics, people of African descent are on average 8-10 times more likely to test HIV positive than Caucasians. Since this has been the case for two decades now, this may also be an indication that the tests are racially biased.
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| #36129 | 26-07-2008 12:51 | Rebel
Sit and enjoy...:)))
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| #36130 | 26-07-2008 13:03 | Rebel
If the survivors of “Dr. Gallo’s Egg” sense that government agencies and drug companies took shortcuts that unnecessarily killed otherwise healthy people, like 13-year-old Ryan White, agencies, politicians, and the media will soon start pointing fingers to blame someone for igniting a human disaster that could make Enron and 9/11 look like garden-variety purse snatches and auto accidents. Families of those who suffered and died from the toxicity of drugs like AZT will want to attack politicians. Politicians will blame agencies for misleading them, and those agencies will blame previous administrations.
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| #36211 | 27-07-2008 08:25 | george_orwell
+ De enorme impact op het gedrag van mensen, de angst voor sex en de angsten voor besmetting en de angst voor het stigma, moeilijk meetbaar maar echt. Homo's en bi's die steeds aangesproken worden op hun sexueel gedrag door werkelijk iedereen. Wat een implicaties.
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| #36237 | 27-07-2008 12:42 | XiniX
Ben ik de enige die niet meer door kan klikken?

Hij zegt forbidden access.... heeft iemand misschien een mirror?

Maar Pat, komt Aids uit een lab, of het werkelijk 1 groot misverstand?

dit soort verhalen worden alleen maar bedacht/gecreeerd om iedereen die er over begint te kunnen ridiculiseren, in een hoekje te zetten en belachelijk te maken zonder daadwerkelijk op de kwestie in te hoeven gaan.

Maar goed wijsheid komt met de jaren....

Alvast bedankt
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| #36240 | 27-07-2008 13:03 | Rebel
Ik kreeg al meer zulke berichten, terwijl ik er gewoon op kan. Hier een transcript:
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| #36256 | 27-07-2008 21:00 | george_orwell
Iedereen die over AIDS wil meepraten zou er goed aan doen dit te lezen. Hoort linkt het voort.
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| #36273 | 28-07-2008 07:20 | Rebel
idd ik kan er ook gewoon op...
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| #36284 | 28-07-2008 10:13 | george_orwell
Met de links erbij is het wel beter te lezen, icono.
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