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Japanners verslaafd aan tamiflu

Weet u nog, tamiflu, de pilletjes die je moest slikken als je te laat was voor je griepprikje. De enorme bedragen die er aan verdiend werden, de pechvogels die er aan onderdoor gingen. De vragen die er in Europa over gesteld werden…

In Japan geloven ze nog heilig in tamiflu, liever een paar dagen in eenzame opsluiting hallucineren, dan uitzieken die hap.
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Based on numerous reports as well as the alert that was issued out by the health ministry, the so-called abnormal behavior exhibited by the sufferers include a sudden urge to leave the room and move towards a balcony or veranda in a state of agitation, walking around a room weeping, and talking nonsense. These behaviors and more were said to be reported regardless of the type of antiviral meds taken by patients, and even if the patients hadn’t taken any antiviral meds at all.
In an earlier alert, Japan warned against prescribing Tamiflu to patients aged 10 to 19, mainly because more than a hundred people who were mostly young started showing signs of abnormal behavior after taking the medication. Some patients showed signs of hallucinations and delirium. However, in some rather unfortunate cases, the strange behavior resulted in the death of patients due to jumping off buildings.

even if the patients hadn’t taken any antiviral meds at all
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