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Revelation 12:3 is on 17-01-2018, red Dragon appearing and second comi

These days there is a lot to do with the Bible, prophecies that are being played out in this world and many people speculate on when it must happen. The biggest sign till now was that of 23-09 aka Revelation 12. But it is only Revelation 12:1 and with Revelation 12:2 on going on earth. There is another big sign which is Revelation 12:3 describing the arrival of the Big red Dragon. Why is Revelation 12:3 on 17-01-2018, how is it related to Capricorn and why do we need to translate astronomically into astrologically in finding it to be real?

Difference between Astrologically and Astronomically
Due to the polar-shift what we see in the sky...
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