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Syfilis, de logische consequentie van post modernisme

Syphilis, one of the most feared infections of the Middle Ages and Victorian eras, was until recently virtually eradicated from from our world. In the United States, after being close to zero in 2000, the syphilis rate began a sharp climb in 2011. Experts are squeamish about giving an answer to the upsurge of STDs in general.

Plague Time is the name of a book written by Paul W. Ewald in 2002 which discusses how infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria have virtually limitless capabilities for change and adaptation that allows their pathological DNA or RNA to persist and thrive despite our efforts to destroy them. Microbes behave as an intelligent superorganism, evolving based on the information of the current environment.

In the case of STDs, Ewald explains several factors that favor the more aggressive variants over benign ones. For a sexually transmitted pathogen, success is measured by the number of new sexual partners.

De medisch wetenschappelijk uitleg van Sodom en Gomorra, overal ter wereld. En als antibiotica niet meer helpen....
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When rape was used as a weapon of conquest during the war in former Yugoslavia, the dangerous genital HPVs spread much more rapidly than the mild ones. The more dangerous papillomaviruses appear to be suited for transmission where the potential for sexual transmission is high.
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