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The Banned NASA Asteroid Stills

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Apparently in october 2015 NASA detected an unknown asteroid near Earth and sent a probe to investigate.

"It is kind of a spooky asteroid that snook up on us, it kinda surprised us. But I`m enthused because it is good ... it reminds people that we are always searching for asteroids we find .. we are finding a lot of them in fact well over a hundred every month. This one is unusual simply because it is coming really really close. This asteroid has passed safely by the Earth. It is not going to hit us. We documented its trajectory really well, we can project it into the future and see wether or not it comes near the Earth again and we got that and it is not going to pose any hazard to the Earth certainly into the next century."

What follows is a series of still images from this asteroid that are only know leaked to the public.

The Banned NASA Asteroid Stills

youtube - The Banned NASA Asteroid Stills - by THF

The Banned NASA Asteroid Stills - by TFH - Requested Version.
Video by TheFakingHoaxer

Very creepy, very fake, very computer generated imagery. Beter dan goed. Ik plaats dit artikel na kinderbedtijd want het materiaal van TheFakingHoaxer is niet geschikt voor zwakke beinvloedbare geesten die niet in staat zijn nep / cgi van echt te onderscheiden. Het is fake, computer generated imagery, niet echt. Het werk van TheFakingHoaxer is steengoed, ontzettend creepy en dystopisch. Hij werkte ook aan de Hennesy commercial van dit jaar waarin Piccard met zijn stratosfeer ballon in 1931 door het firmament heen in de wateren boven de hemel terecht komt. Truth in plane sight? Enjoy.
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