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Toasted Cars On 9/11

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The cars were on the edge of the microwave field. You put a metal fork in a microwave, it sparks, but doesn't get hot. The sheet metal on the cars vibrated the paint off, as it was releasing the microwave/electro-static energy. The engines, door handles and the glass were to dense to release the energy, so they melted/shattered. Gas through a microwave produces a plasma, heard there were broken gas lines. The people in the hologram hole, were taking off their clothes, because they were wet and microwaves boil water. The metal glowed for so long, because the molecules were vibrating from the inside out. The atoms were being repelled and attracted at the same time. (van der Waals force and opposing electro-static force). Electro-static force is the main force holding atoms/molecules, together. Gravity is so weak at the nano scale, its not even calculated!
The towers were vibrated like tuning forks, until they vibrated apart, into molecules. Turning the concrete to dust and throwing it outward like foam. Using the electro-static/angular momentum of Hurricane Erin. To charge the space between the speaker like dome in the atmosphere, created by HAARP. and the towers and buildings. The flash, when the hologram hit (points close), (Points open) electrostatic charge builds, between the tower and HAARPs dome in the atmosphere. HAARP cycles off (duty cycle), dome in atmosphere collapses at the speed of gravity (like the towers). Repeat, flash, charge ... What was it every 26? minutes.
Molecules are held together by the van der Waals electro-static force, an opposing electro-static polarity could break this bond, with the power of a hurricane.
And Brookhaven aligns with the towers, Hurricane Erin and probably HAARP. Brookhaven was working on turning solid materials into liquid!
It hasn't happened around the world because there's only so many particle accelerators.
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