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Turkije baalt van NATO: Beter oorlogstuig bouwen met Rusland

"It seems to us that NATO members behave in an evasive fashion on issues such as the exchange of technology and joint investments. Turkey intends to develop its own defense industry and strengthen its defense system,"

"They consider Russia and Turkey to be second class countries, and they are outraged that these second class countries dare to criticize them... Therefore, faced with the straightforwardness and resilience of Erdogan and [President Vladimir] Putin, they feel very worried and anxious,"
Aldus de Turkse minister van Buitenlandse zaken Mevlut Cavusoglu in een interview met Sputnik.

Een week geleden (11 augustus) moest de NATO het ook al ontgelden:
"In no way can NATO limit our contacts with other countries… . It means NATO has no right to dictate its terms and tell us who we should or should not meet and communicate with,"
zei deze keer de Turkse ambassadeur tegen RIA Novosti.

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