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Verzet tegen schaliegaswinning groeit in Groot-Brittannië

Is schaliegas de oplossing voor onze energieproblemen? Ook in het Verenigd Koninkrijk woedt daarover een fel debat. Uit onderzoek blijkt dat er in de bodem van Noord-Engeland een voorraad schaliegas zit die twee keer groter is dan tot nu werd gedacht. Het bedrijf Cuadrilla doet proefboringen in Groot-Brittannië en wil ook in Nederland aan de slag. Maar het bedrijf is niet zonder controverse.

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In itself, no one objects to shale rocks being subjected to such an assault. The problem is that they don't simply stay where they are, but begin to pollute the nearby environment. Some might reassuringly argue that the chemicals comprise only a small amount of the liquid. As the bland press releases and blurbs insist, over 99% of the fluid is water and sand. But the problem is, even if this statistic is correct – there would be no way of knowing, since it isn't regulated – you have to use a lot of it per frack, and you need to frack a few times in order to fully exploit the gas reserves. A single frack can require anything from 180-580 cubic metres of the toxic chemical mix. And most of the chemicals are not subsequently removed but rather tend to disappear into nearby groundwater, along with some of the gases. Methane, for example, has been found in dramatically elevated concentrations in nearby drinking water.

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