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Wikileaks’ Clinton-Podesta Emails: de ultieme samenvatting

Wikileaks "bombshell" werd uiteindelijk een nat rotje. Maar toch bevatten de zogenaamde gelekte "Podesta" emails genoeg "dirt" om eventjes de gordijnen van de macht op

Hillary's team admits to knowing of classified material in emails

Top Clinton staffer: Hillary and Bill "have the worst judgment"

Hillary to Colin Powell: proof of intent to hide her emails

DynCorp employees hire 15-year-old boy to strip dance for them Hillary
covers it up

Turkish President Erdogan's team donating to Democrats

Hillary needed "sobering up" at 4:30 in the afternoon

Hillary campaign trying to discredit nurses, not calling them a real

Hillary’s team: “There is no ad on earth that will increase her trust
ratings or the enthusiasm of her voters”

The Clintons are backstabbers according to close ally

"Bill Clinton Inc." How millions of dollars were raised for the
Clintons. Blurred lines between personal and Foundation money (in attachments)

CISCO paid Bill Clinton paid $255,000 for speech. Two months later,
Hillary awards CISCO the State Department’s Award for Corporate

DNC and Hillary campaign had joint account during primaries

Hillary directed her MAID to print out classified material on several

DNC gives CNN's Wolf Blitzer questions to interview Trump

DNC decides to push Russia/Trump narrative back in April

Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation "charity" money for her wedding??

Disney, ABC head is colluding with Hillary's campaign

Hillary's lawyer didn't want her to run because of the damning emails

Obama vetoed legislation in effort to torpedo Bernie's campaign?

Obama elevated Malaysia on the human rights list JUST to let Malaysia
into TPP

"Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp" and more

More rigging of primaries back in 2014

Kadzik (DOJ official leading probe in FBI's case re-opening) gave "heads
up" to Clinton campaign on email investigation

Podesta to Cherly Mills "we are going to have to dump all those emails"

Podesta's very close friend at DOJ in charge of Huma Abedin's email

Hillary cheated in debates: DNC head Donna Brazile caught giving MORE
debate questions to Hillary

CEO of Google (parent company) working for Hillary Campaign

"...go through all the emails and pull the official ones"

SuperPAC (Correct the Record) illegally coordinating with Hillary's

Foreign relations & bribes - Qatar to Clintons - Link to Haiti!)

Qatar sponsors terrorism!

World CEOs collusion

why Russia is the dangerous to Israel

page 56 document 4 - 7th floor group / our Shadow Government

Immigration and other issues on behalf of Soros

Clinton Foundation & BigPharma collusion to keep AIDS drugs pricey

Congress Staffer leaking info to Clinton campaign about oversight

Podesta Group paying Podesta for "art"

Koch brothers involved in feud with elite democrats

DNC wants to replace the Supreme Court Justices with "young liberals"
that will stay in the position for decades

Bill Ivey former head of NE/CAP trustee discussing brainwashing

tax breaking & cover-up

training the next generation progressives

orders from mr. S."Greenberg" ->

Aliens exist and the Vatican's involved to a high degree

more UFO subject matter

Podesta confirming aliens are real?

book party at Rotschilds

Soros ties

judges should see consequences of ruling against the government

Germany & EU report on immigration tragedy

International plotting, fundaraising & agents

Obama and Clinton don't like each other

Muslims in Europe are not only jobless, but also structurally
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Obama requesting an edit after some other info had been scrubbed

Top Secret Emails Include Drone Talk

Lynn Rothschild book signing – attachments tab

Token black guy. “put a black guy in charge but don't make any policy

CIA guy to John Podesta: not uplifting learning about problems with
foreign donations to CF, paid speeches for hire, Tony Rodham hustling
gold mining deals in Haiti

Planting stories

Democrats believe the media is biased against them (sheer paranoia)

Clinton is "hard to confront and reason with"

Vice looking to help Podesta "In any way they can"

Judges should see negative political consequences in ruling against the

Media not allowed to freely report on Clinton; she dictates the when and

Hillary feels the need to seed and coordinate chants at her rallies

Breaching of fiduciary duty to the families by communicating their
strategy to clintons and allowing it to be dictated by her exposure
since she could be implicated

Embassy falling apart after ambassador Cynthia Straum bought the
position for 1.4M

H receives questions before debate

10% of sampled emails contained classified information

Clinton Foundation newsletter

How can we screw with the subpoena?

Qatar paying off Bill Clinton

Long talk on how to bypass coordination laws to get voter lists

Washington post giving campaign advance heads up about ethics article +
covering for them

Transcript of private meeting between Hillary and BLM, "Black faces in
power doesn't make a difference" and other gems

Identified that staff stripped emails from the subpoena having to do
with any and all communication between HRC and BHO.

Super PAC collusion

Charles Adams pay to play: raise enough money and you too can be the
ambassador to Finland

Trying to come up with good spin for foundation donations from foreign
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Hillary infiltrating Obama

Economy has not recovered

claim that Congressional right to overturn veto is constitutionally

Talking about Accused of Child Sex Abuse hiding

Chelsea laughed at behind her back, everyone thinks the Clintons are
back stabbers

Hillary as SoS working at Clinton Foundations with Goldman Sachs

Plans for the Supreme Court

If she does not have a podium to lean on, she keeps the talks short

Meeting with Saudi King

Hiding Email Subject Headers

Talking about UAV weapon system - Drone with sniper rifle

Roy Spence talking about hacks

**Sanders' wife begging not to support

Influence Tom Steyer

**McCain Lobbyists

**McCain More lobbyists

NH Work the polls

WJC Compensation from CGI

Tony's CFO Bank account

Roy Spence on Hillary

Calls Bernie a Fucker and supporters Freaks
"Relationship" with reporter

Playing Bernie voters

Did she even pick her own VP?
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| #255664 | 08-11-2016 14:24 | tegengas
Dankjewel Donkerdoorn

Verbazingwekkend dat de media doet alsof er niets aan de hand is.
Of niet? 90% van de media in de VS is in handen van 6 bedrijven.

The Most Important WikiLeaks Revelation Isn’t About Hillary Clinton
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| #255672 | 08-11-2016 19:43 | de^mol
Dit vind ik een veel betere samenvatting:
Wikileaks Top 100

En die lijst is eigenlijk al verouderd, want er zijn al weer meer onthullingen gedaan. Soms per onderwerp gesorteerd.

Hier onthullingen over Clintons die betrokken zijn bij kinderlokker en kindersmokkelaar Laura Silbsby: Laura Silbsby

En dan hebben we natuurlijk nog de 'Spirit Cooking' revelaties:
Top 100

Inmiddels zijn er ook aan de publicaties over Vince Foster's dood:
Vince Foster
| #255751 | 10-11-2016 12:49 | Manus
Ook goede info, thanks!
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| #255758 | 10-11-2016 14:27 | liedetecter
De Clintons zijn hier ook na de verkiezingen nog laaaaang niet vanaf .... eigenlijk kan het vuurwerk nu pas losbarsten en de eerste class actions tegen dienen zich al aan ....


Dat iemand daar wat chips en een drankje bij neemt, zal me niks verbazen ....

| #255759 | 10-11-2016 14:29 | liedetecter
"tegen de DNC", moet er staan ....
| #255760 | 10-11-2016 14:31 | liedetecter
Wikileaks 35 released .... en ze blijven maar doorgaan ....

WikiLeaks Continues to Prove Worst Fears About Clinton Presidency
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