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don 8 maa 2018 22:23
The ultimate bird’s-eye view. Just watch this man take a scenic flight over France with a flock of geese. Incredible— NinetyFive (@NinetyFive_UK) 3 maart 2018 ...

Deze graancirkels zijn niet door mensenhanden gemaakt

zon 4 maa 2018 22:45
Facts & figures about the REAL crop circle phenomenon. Science explained in a clear and easy to understand manner: 94% of all the crop circles that were studied scientifically turned out to be NOT man-made. 11 Anomalies summed up, from 'blown nodes' to 'ghost formations' and much more... Plus some extras, like the 'lay' of the crop, formations in snow and trees (!) and an intact bird's nest. ...

free as a bird

din 2 apr 2013 14:35

Financiële crisis (Bird & Fortune)

zat 23 jun 2012 17:07