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The Banned NASA Asteroid Stills

maa 12 dec 2016 21:57
non natural structure detected: do not make public a nsa directive order Apparently in october 2015 NASA detected an unknown asteroid near Earth and sent a probe to investigate. "It is kind of a spooky asteroid that snook up on us, it kinda surprised us. But I`m enthused because it is good ... it reminds people that we are always searching for asteroids we find .. we are finding a lot of them in fact well over a hundred every month. This one is unusual simply because it is coming really...

NASA admit: All images of Earth are cgi

zat 11 jun 2016 19:26
Published on Jun 4, 2016 To believe ANYTHING NASA says at this point is the apex of stupid They are the epitome of duplicity all nasa space imagery is fake ...

Fake Space Alien CGI Hologram Psyop

vri 20 mei 2016 21:13
Fake Space Alien Psyop Operation Bluebeam awareness exercise. Een oefening in het herkennen van cgi star wars bullshit in het kader van mogelijk aanstaande fake space aliens attack cgi hologram psyop die de wereld in angst en voor oorlog met aliens zou moeten verenigen onder een regering, new world order, one world government. The final push. This video is an exercise. video bevat aanwijzingen om zelf op onderzoek naar de realiteit van onze wereld te gaan. Laat niemand je vertellen wat je...