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11-11 by Tiller Wills -VIDEO- The Most Diehard Hardcore Song Ever!

zat 4 jun 2016 18:37
The most hardcore epic truth rap song ever. fuck the system, fuck government, fuck media, fuck everything fuck feeling totally worthless fuck scheming and plotting fuck predatory scientology brainwashing fuck still being over in afghanistan and fuck the un agenda 21 plan but there is a lot to love but there is a lot to love tell people about what you love! i love this song i love this song ...

Raw moon footage

vri 3 jun 2016 21:04
Beelden van de maan gemaakt met Nikon P900 camera begeleid door een song waarin het woord fuck en het woord love een aantal malen gebruikt wordt. Enjoy youtube link ... fuck rockefeller fuck rain man fuck the luciferian imagery that you show ... fuck bohemian grove fuck your blood sacrifice rituals fuck cults fuck the bushes and the clintons fuck george soros .,. fuck gmos man fuck monsanto fuck the chemtrails and the poisonous airflow fuck eating food that transhumanists grow and...