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01/11 08:00 vrijspreker.nl


Naheffing roverheidsprutsers?

Ayn Rand: Altruisme / egoïsme !

300 – 700 belasting extra naheffing

01/11 03:33 rt.com

'Years of hope are over for EU' - ex-EU Commission chief

Lives of thousands refugees put on hold as battle for Kobani rages

The American ‘bumping, tumbling’ Empire

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo aircraft crashes in Mojave desert

'Dangerous precedent' - Ray McGovern on excessive police force

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31/10 21:06 alternet.org

Oh No! Pinochet's Grandson to Start New Right-Wing Political Party in Chile

Looking to Escape the High Cost of College? These 7 Countries Will Educate You for Free

Paul Krugman on Why the West Has Messed Up Far Worse than Japan

31/10 21:02 Johan Alphons


31/10 18:52 globalresearch.ca

Canadá: Quebec pide su propio registro de armas de fuego

History: Reversing the Vietnam Verdict

Libya, A Nation in Despair

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Removed Information On Coughing and Sneezing From Ebola Q&A;

“Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD) is Actually Correlated with Creativity and Ach

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31/10 18:04 welingelichtekringen.nl

‘Veel Duitsers hebben de pest aan andere Duitsers.’

Tien uur door New York wandelen als een man

Weer stoffelijke resten geborgen op rampplek

De 13 griezeligste plaatsen van Europa

Moet pesten strafbaar worden?

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31/10 17:32 sync.nl

Wetenschappers kweken minimaagje

Vlieg de toekomst in

31/10 17:23 Visionair.nl

Kan anarchisme werken?

31/10 16:44 dailygalaxy.com

"Moment of Awe" --The Ghostly Light from 200 Billion Outcast Stars in Pandora's Galaxy Cluster

"Earth Formed as a Wet Planet with Oceans in Place" --Life May Have Started Earlier Than Thought

"Unexpected Planet" Discovered by Yale Astronomers

31/10 15:53 Appie

Warren Anderson, 92, Dies; Faced India Plant Disaster

What lies beneath ... 'Smart Sewage' could spot epidemics before

Killer Fungus Threatens Salamanders

Leaked Sellafield photos reveal 'massive radioactive release' thr

Michigan sites no longer environmental areas of concern

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31/10 14:05 wanttoknow.eu

MH17-boek: ‘De doofpotdeal..’

31/10 12:59 boublog.nl

Halloween 1978, een van de engste films aller tijden

31/10 12:40 climategate.nl

IUCN bevestigt: gebruik Rode Lijst voor niet-eetadviezen (als in Viswijzer) niet toegestaan

31/10 07:00 barracudanls.blogspot.com

31/10 07:00 blacklistenews.com

31/10 04:39 adhdfraude.net

31/10 03:32 redicecreations.com

30/10 20:21 ffloor

30/10 13:40 sott.net

30/10 12:48

29/10 16:44 cassandraclub.wordpress.com

28/10 18:11 anarchiel.com

28/10 16:22 mozzarella

25/10 23:44 Urubin

21/10 06:34 zapruder.nl

12/10 14:07 Patman

12/10 11:09 merethan