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23/08 00:05 globalresearch.ca

How the Pentagon Militarized the US Police Force

Mobile Phones: Ringing Up the Danger

Russian Foreign Ministry Statement on the Delivery of Humanitarian Relief Aid to Southeastern Ukrain

A Vicious Circle of Crisis and Cultural Decline. Towards a Rebirth of the West?

Israeli False Pretences for Renewal of Gaza Offensive

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22/08 21:55 boublog.nl

Boudine Berkenbosch vindt facebook niet leuk

22/08 20:22 welingelichtekringen.nl

Grieks eiland staat te koop

‘God vertelt ons dat we al deze mensen dienen te onthoofden’

In de toekomst communiceren via hersengolven?

Rutte: alle slachtoffers MH17 moeten terug

”Jij bent echt maar een mavo-kind’, zei de leraar’

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22/08 19:55 alternet.org

Why Don't the U.S. and U.K. Pay Ransoms for Hostages?

22/08 18:32 dailygalaxy.com

"Pluto and the Other Dwarf Planets Could Have Astrobiological Potential"

22/08 17:35 cassandraclub.wordpress.com

Oekraïne stevent af op energiecrisis

22/08 16:55 Appie

California to boot smog-causing pesticides from San Joaquin Valle

Fluoride 'safe and effective' - expert review

Pesticides Used On Florida's Mosquitoes May Harm Butterflies

EPA pressed for time limits on chemical trade secrets Read more:

China pulls plug on genetically modified rice and corn

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22/08 16:17 rt.com

Galileo mission launch: Arianespace Soyuz ST-B propels two nav satellites

Aid Convoy: Russian humanitarian trucks drive into Ukraine

Humanitarian convoy: Trucks cross border, head to Lugansk as Kiev has no more 'excuses' to delay

Big Bite: Russia's food ban may cost EU 6.7bn yearly

'Ferguson police behaved like occupying forces'

22/08 15:00 climategate.nl

Duitsland aan begin omwenteling met Landtagswahl?

Fred Bloot Sportvisserij Nederland met de billen bloot: achterban blijft pandapaling vangen

Fred Bloot Sportvisserij Nederland met billen bloot: achterban blijft panda vangen

Duitse Algemene Rekenkamer vernietigend over Energiewende: belastinggeldverspilling..

22/08 10:00 vrijspreker.nl

Het Nederlandse strafproces

Verantwoording voor misdaden

Ayn Rand en de dollar

22/08 08:00 blacklistenews.com

Astronauts find living organisms clinging to the International Space Station, and aren’t sure how

Chinese Fighter Crosses Within 30 Feet Of US P-8, White House Blasts "Provocative Action"

Canadian Military Forces developing networks of weapon and equipment hubs throughout the Arctic

China vs US – superpower standoff in Africa

Michigan Welcomes Radioactive Fracking Waste Rejected by other States

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22/08 06:17 redicecreations.com

Brooklyn DA exposes hidden Child Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community

California’s Economic Collision Course: Immigration and Water

ISIS offered to swap Foley for ’Lady Al Qaeda’ - neuroscientist MIT-graduate

James Foley beheaded - Financed by USA

’Hammer of Thor’ unearthed: Runes on 1,000-year-old amulet solve mystery of why Viking charms we

21/08 15:25 Visionair.nl

21/08 07:00 barracudanls.blogspot.com

20/08 14:24 wanttoknow.eu

20/08 13:47 sott.net

19/08 10:36 zapruder.nl

18/08 13:00 Lijn 17

18/08 10:21 adhdfraude.net

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