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25/06 12:05 Visionair.nl

De tien doorbraak-technologieën van 2016, volgens het WEF

Een brexit: de gevolgen

24/06 21:32 alternet.org

Refugees and Migrants Wake Up To Brexit and Brace For What Comes Next

At Least Brexit Won't Have Any Effect on 'Game of Thrones'

Cracking the Mystery of the ‘Worldwide Hum’

New Study Finds China's Environmental Policies Are an 'Example' to the World

What the Heck Happened in Britain? Here's a Brexit Explainer

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24/06 21:27 vrijspreker.nl

Ron Paul over Brexit.

24/06 20:50 dailygalaxy.com

LIGO Gravitational Wave Observatory --"Predicts a Universe of Merging Black Holes"

Mystery Signal from One of Most Massive Objects in Universe --"Defies Known Physics" (Friday's Most

"10,000 Leagues Under the Sea" --World's Largest Neutrino Telescope to Study Evolution of the Univer

China Nears Completion of World's Largest Radio Telescope --"Goal is First Nation to Detect Alien Li

24/06 20:15 welingelichtekringen.nl

David Cameron was een monumentale mislukking

Politie onderzoekt aanval moskee Dordrecht

Drie mannen en drie vrouwen in Zomergasten

Bloedbad op beurzen na brexit

Gijzelnemer bioscoop was 19-jarige Duitser

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24/06 16:35 sott.net

BEST OF THE WEB: Pepe Escobar: Why the UK said 'bye bye' to the EU

BEST OF THE WEB: Brexit Referendum is 'non-binding' meaning UK Parliament, not voters, will prevail

24/06 11:11 boublog.nl

23/06 16:12 wanttoknow.eu

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16/06 10:12 sync.nl

12/06 08:00 barracudanls.blogspot.com

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