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23/09 11:12 welingelichtekringen.nl

Samensteller schrijft zelf noodkreet aan VPRO’s Achterwerk

Philips splitst zichzelf in tweeën

Frans Timmermans extra beveiligd

Slecht nieuws voor Emile Roemer

Hoe Apple erg rijk wordt van de nieuwe iPhone’s

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23/09 11:06 climategate.nl

Even bij vakbroeders grootste schandaal in geschiedenis NL geplugd: Nationale Energieakkoord!

23/09 07:17 rt.com

Flood Wall Street ends with mass arrests after day-long protest

US launches airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria

‘US pushes own agenda while fighting terror’

#FloodWallStreet: Thousands of activists hit streets of NYC's financial district

‘Wake Up UK!’: Protesters in Britain rally against ISIS

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23/09 07:00 vrijspreker.nl


Geen explosief bij jihadverdachten. 

23/09 07:00 barracudanls.blogspot.com

Van de regen in de drup

23/09 04:46 redicecreations.com

Your Smartphone Broadcasts Your Entire Life To The Secret Service

Scots were tricked into voting ‘No’ – Salmond

The Most Terrifying Thing About Ebola

Man bitten by Ebola patient flown to Switzerland

Climate March in New York City Reveals Communists Demanding 'Revolution, Nothing Less' - Trash the C

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22/09 23:59 sott.net

BEST OF THE WEB: Scottish independence vote was rigged far in advance - City would never have allowe

BEST OF THE WEB: Our global cancer: Machiavelli and oligarchic democracy

22/09 22:29 Visionair.nl

Het Nederlandse kastenstelsel ontleed: de kaste der Hoogopgeleiden

22/09 21:40 globalresearch.ca

NATO’s War on Libya and Africa

Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire: The U.S. and the UK Committed Genocide Against the Iraqi Peopl

Climate Change, Geoengineering and Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD)

In the Wake of Fukushima (3/11): Japan’s Shift into Renewable Energy

“De-Dollarization”: How Economic Sanctions against Russia are Promoting Bilateral Trade and Fina

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22/09 19:41 alternet.org

Peace in Syria Won't Come from Sending in US Troops

22/09 19:36 Appie

Plastic bags becoming ‘pollution time bomb’

Waste-to-power units pose 'grave risk' to Delhi, report warns Re

Great Lakes: Canadian nuclear waste plan opposed by Senate resolu

Study: Sheboygan River PCB levels remain high

Detroit cuts off water for families - and hopes for future

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22/09 12:16 sync.nl

Nog maar 1 procent wagenpark Nederland (semi-)elektrisch

22/09 09:46 boublog.nl

22/09 08:00 blacklistenews.com

21/09 14:45 cassandraclub.wordpress.com

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21/09 08:51 adhdfraude.net

21/09 00:19 wanttoknow.eu

19/09 13:23 anarchiel.com

16/09 21:16 zapruder.nl

12/09 19:11 dailygalaxy.com

10/09 16:16 zittingszaal.nl

09/09 20:39 Jesse Jeremy

08/09 15:54 liedetector

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