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23/12 02:00 vrijspreker.nl

Moraliteit of gehoorzaamheid ?

Smart meters: niet zo slim.

De hereniging

De opmars der EU, de vijfde unificatie van Europa

Het “Tegen Mij” Argument

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23/12 00:56 rt.com

OPEC vs Russia vs N.America shale sector oil war: 'More pain in near term'

'Why is CIA planting covert agents in allied counties?' - Former MI5 officer

Oil price fall: 'Nobody a winner, world economy a loser'

Cameron not just a bad loser, also a bad winner - Alex Salmond

Shlomo Sand on 'Why I stopped being a Jew' & 'racism in Israeli society'

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23/12 00:47 globalresearch.ca

Israel’s Moral Suicide

Ukraine Headed for Disaster

Understanding the Aggressive US Stance towards Russia

More than a Movie, The Featured Assassination Plot directed against Kim Jong-un. “The Interview”

Israeli Rabbis Plan to Build Temple on Al-Aqsa Ruins

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22/12 23:33 Visionair.nl

Video: wat als je geboren was buiten de aarde?

22/12 21:30 alternet.org

New Process Allows Fungi to Turn Plastic Waste into Edible Snacks

WikiLeaks: CIA Knew in 2009 That Drone Strike Program Could Backfire

Paul Krugman Drops a Truth Bomb on America's Warmongers

22/12 21:07 welingelichtekringen.nl

‘Geestelijk gestoorde heeft Els Borst vermoord’

Joe Cocker (70) overleden

22 procent van de Fransen is ambtenaar

Ook AD schrapt artikelen Ramesar

Minder huwelijken door gratis porno op internet

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22/12 20:25 dailygalaxy.com

New Milky Way Neighbor Discovered --"May Be a Huge Number of Dwarf Galaxies Out There"

Alien Minds --"We Will Encounter Superintelligence Much Older than the Human Species"

Russian Scientists Probe Water Cycle in Mars' Atmosphere --"Could Support Existence of Biological Ac

22/12 20:08 Appie

Ten years after ESA listing, killer whale numbers falling

Great Barrier Reef at risk from 'rushed' sediment dumping plan at

Angry over land seizures and pollution, Nicaraguans block roads a

Jeans with cancer-causing azo dyes withdrawn nine months after fi

Dead fish flood river, activists up in arms

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22/12 08:00 blacklistenews.com

Is the Central Bank of Russia Preparing for US-Style Banker Bailout?


RT Report: Israel Supports Jihadists, ISIS in Syria

Major study finds red light cameras not safer, cause more rear-end injuries

The Bailouts Are Officially Over And The Government Made Billions In Profit

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22/12 07:00 barracudanls.blogspot.com

Holle Bolle Guido

22/12 03:07 sott.net

BEST OF THE WEB: Introducing Alfreda Bikowsky: Senior officer at the CIA and otherwise known as "The

22/12 02:29 wanttoknow.eu

22/12 01:00 climategate.nl

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