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02/08 02:35 wanttoknow.eu

OVSE-waarnemer bevestigt: kogelgaten in MH17..!!

MH17: verdwenen: ‘n luchtverkeersleider en vluchtdata…!!!

MH17: verdwenen: Kiev-luchtverkeersleider en Kiev-vluchtdata…!!!

02/08 00:33 redicecreations.com

Globalists Push EU-style 'Union' for Middle East

Israel's Military Censors Demand 'Prior Review' of NYT’s Gaza Reporting

Wrong time, altered images: Moscow slams Kiev's MH17 satellite data

World's First Man-Made Leaves Breathe Oxygen

The £11 billion Government plan to put 'Smart meters' in every British home

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02/08 00:05 rt.com

'We tortured some folks' - Obama on CIA tactics after 9/11

RAW: Soviet drone used by Ukraine govt downed & found in Donetsk field

US corporate rats leave ship for UK

Anti-privacy Paradise: NSA's offshore pleasure islands (ft Nimrod Kamer, Part 3)

'Attack of the Dead Men': Bloody conclusion of the battle of Osowiec in WWI (RT Documentary)

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01/08 22:58 sott.net

BEST OF THE WEB: Ukraine: Can the US save face from a fact-free zone of its own creation?

BEST OF THE WEB: Israel, you rascals

BEST OF THE WEB: The emperor's rage: Let chaos envelop the world!

01/08 22:12 saved

Gaza oorlog leugens

01/08 22:09 globalresearch.ca

Air Algerie AH5017, Air France 447, Malaysian MH370 and MH17: Vanishing Aircraft, “Numerology”,

The West’s Liberal “Left” and the “Rationalizing” of Genocide in Historic Palestine

Crossing the Threshold of Political Madness: A Looming First Strike on Russia? Where is the U.S. Ant

Ukraine: Antiwar and Anti-Conscription Protests. Kiev Regime Wages All-Out War in East Ukraine, NATO

Gaza: “It’s not Really Violence, It’s a Massacre”

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01/08 18:38 dailygalaxy.com

Origin of Colossal Bubbles Above and Below the Milky Way Remains a Mystery

New Picture of the Hadean Eon --"A Resurfaced Earth"

Companion Planets May Extend Habitability Lifespan

Monster Elliptical Galaxy Sets Age Record --"Reveals Clues to Today's Dark-Matter Domination of the

01/08 16:59 alternet.org

Gaza Ceasefire Collapses After Two Hours—Israeli Shelling Resumes

01/08 15:18 welingelichtekringen.nl

Jonge Japanners zijn overwerkt en ongelukkig

Vlaamse ambtenaren willen niet 300 meter verder lopen naar kantoor

Nederland heeft lijstje ingediend bij Juncker

Tekenen van smakeloos ramptoerisme in Oekraïne

Aan heroïne verslaafde olifanten afgekickt, vrij en in het bos met soortgenoten

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01/08 13:49 climategate.nl

Stichting Rugvin slaat loos alarm over spectaculair toegenomen bruinvis

01/08 12:56 Appie

Weak Links in China’s Food Chain

E-cigarettes 'less harmful' than cigarettes

Deal still not reached on NC coal ash bill

No cause found for thousands of dead menhaden reported in Chesape

Controversy over carbon controls

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01/08 12:50 vrijspreker.nl

Gevolgen Argentijns bankroet voor de Spaanse bankwereld

Hoera, de Uber-mens is gearriveerd!

Brecht Arnaert: “Belgische politici hebben grotere zorgen dan Bitcoin, zoals de staatsschuld”

01/08 09:01 boublog.nl

Miko Peled, een Israëlische Jood pleit voor de Palestijnen

01/08 08:00 blacklistenews.com

Russia Built an Underwater Cable to Bring Its Internet to Newly Annexed Crimea

Federal Court Orders DOJ To Release Fast And Furious Information

France may ban violent Jewish fringe group

New POT Party In New York Takes Responsibility For White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge

Official 'Investigation' into Downing of the Malaysian Plane Is Now Clearly a Hoax.

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31/07 13:43 Visionair.nl

31/07 12:25 Antares

31/07 10:42 cassandraclub.wordpress.com

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